Ultrahub Plus and B315 firmware update

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Ultrahub Plus and B315 firmware update

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Hi everyone,


Just letting you know that we will be updating the firmware over-the-air for our Ultrahub Plus and some of our B315 modems which are capable of over-the-air updates . The update will happen behind the scenes (between 12am-5am) and should not require any intervention. This routine maintenance update is required to keep your services running smoothly.


Manual firmware update is also available via our website here.


No changes will be made to any existing settings on your modem during the firmware update process.  


What is a firmware update?


Firmware is a software that is embedded into a hardware device, in this case your modem. Firmware controls how devices behave. Firmware update often fixes bugs, contains new features, and protects you from security vulnerabilities.


Which modems are affected?


  • Ultrahub Plus (for our ADSL, VDSL, Fibre customers)
  • B315 (for our Rural Broadband & Home Wireless Broadband customers)

The Ultrahub Plus firmware update includes:


  • Improvements to the user interface (wording, links, display, correct information, resets)
  • User interface password reset on power cycle
  • Telephony improvements on ADSL / VDSL / mobile
  • IPTV improvements
  • Remote assistance on mobile connectivity
  • Security patches and improvements
  • Improvements to Wi-Fi auto channel selection
  • Improvements for poor quality ADSL lines
  • Fixed some issues with DHCP and Static IP addresses
  • Fixed issues with call waiting
  • Fixed functionality of SIM PIN

The B315 firmware update includes:


  • Minor fixes and updates
  • There are no user interface changes as part of this firmware

When are the updates happening?


We will begin rolling out updates in batches from May 27th 2019 and will continue until completed.




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