UltraHub Secure DNS Question

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UltraHub Secure DNS Question

by NorthLightsense New Poster
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Hi ,

I recently have the latest Ultrahub installed and every thing is working very well with it , however on looking at the default settings that it shipped with there is a setting called Secure DNS described as protecting your device from Malious connections etc.

This setting slider was grayed out by default on the new Ultrahub . I'm all for better protection so I slide it over to on (Green)

and every thing still working fine as much as I can tell.


Since the default was set to off I am wondering if someone could shed some light on the feature, ie is this setting best set to on and does it work as intended to help protect your devices.

I only ask since the UltraHub was shipped with that feature in the off postion do many users here use Secure DNS and know anymore about it


In the past Ive used OpenDNS or QuadDNS does it work in a simular method


Thanks for any help from the Ninja's

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Re: UltraHub Secure DNS Question

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I have the same question

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