Ultra Hub full user manual

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Ultra Hub full user manual

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I've just started the fibre installation process so should soon be receiving an Ultra Hub modem. I've a reasonably busy and complex network at home and want to do some planning before installation day. Can anyone point me to where to find a full user manual for the device?

I've looked through and searched as far as I can the Vodafone web site, but all I've been able to find is the pdf "Quick Start Guide". I'd like to drill down a bit deeper and find out if things like DHCP address range settings will mean I have to make changes elsewhere in my collection of stuff that makes extensive used of static IP addresses.


And - are there really only three LAN ports available for consumer use after fibre connection? The guide shows four ethernet ports in yellow, but says one is needed for fibre connection. I've got four zones in my place, each served by an ethernet cable from the patch panel where the hub will sit, routed through the walls and roof space to outlets where the network is needed. Am I going to need to install a network switch to expand the three ports to four?


Your help will be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Ultra Hub full user manual

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THere is no user manual for the Ultra Hub - only the qucik start guide.

The menu is fairly easy to work through and has DHCP settings including range and reservation options.


Yes, it has 3 lan ports, so if you need more ports you'll need a switch.

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