Ultra Hub? Would it be worth upgrading?

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Ultra Hub? Would it be worth upgrading?

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I am currently on ADSL, with little prospect of VDSL or fibre coming my way for years. Also,  I have an SHG1500 modem which I have had since switching to Vodafone several years ago. My question is;

Would it be worth getting an Ultra Hub modem to improve my wifi?  For example, would there be an improvement in response when several devices are connected at one time?

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Re: Ultra Hub? Would it be worth upgrading?

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Hi there


The RGW you have now is only a single band which is just a 2.4Ghz. Now since you are using ADSL you may not see a big difference if you move to Ultrahub. But in saying that Ultrahub is Dual band which means you have a 5Ghz as well.


the 2.4Ghz band is used by a lot of devices nowadays so that is actually very overused and congested.


If you upgrade you may see a difference on the stability and the latency but it all depends.


The RGW you have now is End of Life so its always better to go to the new RGW. you may even see a Speed bump ( very miniscule) and if you get fiber you will see a big difference.





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