Ultra Hub MAC filter on LAN?

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Ultra Hub MAC filter on LAN?

by BTony New Poster
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I have been using Parental Controls to try and limit my sons gaming addiction (PC connected via LAN). It worked for a while, then I noticed he was still gaming after he should have been locked out. I noticed new versions of his PC in the list of connected LAN devices. A quick youtube search showed there are at least two easy ways of getting around the Parental Controls.

From what I can see, there is no way of blocking new MAC adresses over LAN - there is over wifi, but I don't think there is for LAN connections. Am I right? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Ultra Hub MAC filter on LAN?

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Buy a linksys or tplink and use the rubbish vodafone ULTRA device only to get in from the street (to avoid the BS tier 1 support question "what device are you using") then wan it to a device that has proper functions. For me Linksys very nice interface.


I had the same with WIFI mac fiter not blocking anything.


Was going to attempt Parental Control till I read your issues.

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