Ultra Hub: Access to USB HD

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Ultra Hub: Access to USB HD

by TideMan Starter Poster
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I've attached an external HD to the USB port on my Ultra Hub and turned on Samba.

I can access it using //192.168.1./Seagate_Expansion_1_521a in my browser, which means I can see what's there and download stuff, but how can I upload?  Do I need to use ftp?  

Or can I access it from Windows File Explorer? If so, how?

With the old Huawei modem, it appeared as a network drive called ATP if I recall....

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Re: Ultra Hub: Access to USB HD

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You can use File Explorer.


I've done it successfully on Win10 as per:


Note: If it can't connect to the share, your PC may not be configured as a Samba Client - see my response at:


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