Two Wifi Networks

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Two Wifi Networks

by shannonl Starter Poster
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Hi there,


We currently have two wifi connections. One with our name and then our name with the number 5 at the end of it.

I was just wondering why we have both connections and what this means? 

How do I delete one of the connections so that we only have one wifi to connect to?





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Re: Two Wifi Networks

by Contributor toa Contributor
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Don't quote me, but the "5" should be the 5 ghz channel . The one without will be the 2.4ghz channel.

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Re: Two Wifi Networks

by Regular Contributor MrMorm Regular Contributor
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The -5 is the faster ghz wifi band and the one you'd want to connect to for better performance.

You can log into the modem and make the 2 wifi the same name but you may find your device sticks to the lower speed 2.4g wifi

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Re: Two Wifi Networks

by NannaNapster Starter Poster
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MrMom is correct.

Also some older devices will not be able to access the 5Ghz one due to the hardware inside them :-)

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