Trying to build a home network

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Trying to build a home network

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I previously lived in a 2-bedroom house that had a very basic network. I had an ONT in the lounge. The Vodafone-supplied Huawei HG659 plugged into that. Because i didn't like the Huawei but I still wanted a home phone, I only used it as a gateway. My real modem, a Netgear, plugged into the Huawei. I had my PS3, Sky, computer and NAS plugged into the Netgear, which also served as a wireless access point.


I have now moved to a larger home, with 4 rooms, all with ethernet jacks. I don't know how to connect to this network.


The house has a home hub in the garage. There are 6 ethernet connectors in the hub, which I guess are for each of the jack points. Chorus installed the ONT in the hub, and connected one of the cables to it. So I have internet, but only in one room (the lounge). This is where I have connected the Huawei and the Netgear.


Can anyone tell me how to connect to this network to use all the jacks? I tried plugging the Huawei into the ONT, and then the network cables into the Huawei, but this doesn't seem to work.



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Re: Trying to build a home network

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Best to get an electrician or data cabling tech in to help you out and sort out how to use your structured cabling.


Your home's internal cabling isn't Vodafone related sorry and we can't really comment as we don't know how the wiring in your home is structured or works.




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