TP Link Deco M5 Mesh with VodafoneUltra Hub

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TP Link Deco M5 Mesh with VodafoneUltra Hub

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I have Fibre100 with the UltraHub. I have wifi dead spots in my house and am interested in setting up a Mesh system, I see there is the TP Link Deco M5 system in the Vodafone shop. 

I have a concern with this though, as I understand it the UltraHub cannot be put into Bridge Mode (which is very annoying) and neither can the Deco M5 Mesh system. Therefore the first Deco unit will be acting as a NAT, as will the UltraHub which will cause possible IP conflicts. 

What is the recommendation for setting up the Deco Mesh system, considering it is sold as a complimentary addition to the Ultra Hub........?



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Re: TP Link Deco M5 Mesh with VodafoneUltra Hub

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I've used the M5 with ultrahib fine.

It just uses its own subnet. No IP conflict.

Coverage and roaming was very good as was the App. Very easy to set up and run

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