Sure Signal no longer working

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Sure Signal no longer working

by rachw Starter Poster
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Our sure signal v2 has been working great for years, until yesterday.

The system and phone lights are both flashing continuously (indicating that sure signal is being configured?). I have tried resetting the sure signal, unpluging everything (phone, modem, sure signal etc), resetting the modem, all with no change to the situation. We use a vodafone modem, have a vodafone broadband account and vodafone cell numbers. Any clues to what could be the cause of this please?

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Re: Sure Signal no longer working

by Staff Manoj Staff
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Could be the VSS unit not talking to the modem. So ensure that the Ethernet cable is connected securely and is not a faulty cable. Modem needs to be online and stable. If this is the case, then message me your account# and the Sure Signal serial# please and I can check the connection status over the network.


Please be advised that in the event that everything checks out OK and it is a potentially faulty VSS unit, the devices are no longer stocked/sold so you will not be able to get a replacement.

I am a Service Assurance Specialist at Vodafone NZ and I volunteer my time here. Not an official member of the Social Media Team.
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Re: Sure Signal no longer working

by Nightshift New Poster
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For anyone at Vodafone...

Mine has also been down for several days.

Phoned a Vf tech line and they know about it.

Was advised not to do a reset.


Is there an ETA for VF Sure Signal service to work again ??

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Re: Sure Signal no longer working

by JaneCampbell New Poster
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Mine too about the same time. Only just seen this so let me know if you got sorted. 




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