Rural Wireless Broadband

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Rural Wireless Broadband

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We have Rural Broadband Wireless, at first it was brilliant (approx. 2 years ago), now its really really slow.

Not sure if we are on 3G or 4G, suspect 3G.

If I get an aerial will it improve anything?

Do I need to replace the SIM?  

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Re: Rural Wireless Broadband

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Good morning.

Sim swap wont help with this so don't worry about that.

You can tell if you're connecting to 3G or 4G depending on the lights on the modem. If you don't have a B315 or B525 then I would recommend a new modem.

As for antennae - generally yes this will help and is usually default when we do a full RBI install. A tech from Downer (or another third party if wholesaling off the Vodafone network) set's this up.

A CSR can log a service request to request a tech go and install an atennae/yagi. Some people DYI as well but this should only be done by somebody qualified. 

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