Read Me: HG659 Port Forwarding

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Re: Read Me: HG659 Port Forwarding

by RyanMcSweeney New Poster
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Checking with , every port said "error, cannot access" after following the instructions

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Re: Read Me: HG659 Port Forwarding

by thecrop New Poster
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I am having the same problem. tried a couple of port checking sites and both said port closed or connection refused


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Re: Read Me: HG659 Port Forwarding

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by Necropants Starter Poster
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Save yourself a headache and buy a better router.

There is a reason why these things are free.


1. They drop port forwarding rules at random. (seen this happen on 3 different units)

2. You cannot port forward anything attached to a Wifi station, as the actual device never appears in the routing table.

3..... and even when it works the port forwarding interface is godawful, and unnessesarily convoluted.

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Re: Read Me: HG659 Port Forwarding

by DB2017 Starter Poster
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Hi EX-TimA


We are trying to connect an Fermax IP intercom system through the Vodafone HG659 modem.

We need the following ports open.



***HTTP server for QR code : Port 80 TCP

***Strongswan (VPN) : Port 68 UDP

***Internet Key Exchange (IKE) : Port 500 UDP

***Transversal NAT : Port 4500 UDP


The only one we can’t get open is port 68, is there any reason why this is?


We have also tried using the HG659 as a bridge mode and used our own D-link modem to get the Fermax IP intercom connected. This worked, however it disconnected the SIP phone connection, not good.


Is there anyway around these problems we are experiencing.


Does Vodafone have a more advanced modem that would solve our problems?


Could Vodafone have the sip connection diverted to household cell phones, this would mean we could use the HG659 as bridge and and still get calls!


Any help is good help at the moment, as I don’t want to be waiting on hold for a Vodafone guru for twenty minutes again!!!

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Re: Read Me: HG659 Port Forwarding

by NormanCates64 Starter Poster
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Hi ya,

So I would like to set up port forwarding for FTP.


I have updated to the latest firmware. I am making changes as admin.


I have followed these instructions. The testing website (  can see the port and reports it's open. 


It does APPEAR to be OK.


However, when I try to connect from outside using FTP, the application just sits there and times out. I've tried WinSCP and FileZilla.


I did a test from the internet using HTTP on port 80 to connect to an IP address internally on my network, but that failed with a timeout as well...


It just doesn't seem to work.


IS there any tool that can show if the request is even getting past the modem? 


This original post is 3 years old, and it looks like the OP has left Vodafone...


Any ideas? It seems like this is a relatively common problem with this modem.

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Re: Read Me: HG659 Port Forwarding

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by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Have you looked into the SAMBA settings to ensure you enable permissions - see this HG659 modem FAQ.


Port Forwarding FAQ also.



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