Read Me: Changing Network Mode for B315 modem

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Read Me: Changing Network Mode for B315 modem

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Rural Broadband (RBI) by Vodafone gives you a fast and reliable internet connection over 3G and 4G for remote and hard to reach locations. Since this is designed for rural areas, there are times when customers are right on the edge of our RBI coverage and may have some issues such as slow speeds or frequent disconnections depending on how far away they are from the preferred cell site.


One of the ways to resolve this is by locking the network connection to a preferred network mode and getting your modem to connect to that one network mode.


Before doing this make sure to check the RBI coverage map and see what level of service you should expect at your address and which network mode preference is better for you i.e. 3G or 4G.


1. Connect to your B315 using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly via WiFi. Once you are connected, go onto your web browser and type the following in the adddress bar: and press enter. After the page loads up, click on Login on the top right hand corner.


2. Enter in the username and password. Please note the default Username and Password is "admin". If you have changed the Username and Password at any stage, then you will need to use the new username and password . If you have forgotten the Username or Password, then you will need to factory reset the router to set the Username and Password to its factory defaults.



3. Once you are logged in, click on "Settings" on the top menu and then select "Dial-up" from the left hand menu and select "Network Settings" under Dial-up. You will then see the network settings on the page from where you can select the drop down box next to "Preferred mode" and either select "4G preferred" or "UMTS 3G preferred"



Please Note: This may not always resolve your issue for frequent disconnections as it could be an issue with the network in your area or the hardware you are using. However it is always better to try the troubleshooting so that our technicians can identify your issue better.


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Arif Khan.
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