RBI Modem Variable Signal Strength

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RBI Modem Variable Signal Strength

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Hi All,


Our B315 modem has been playing up recent after working perfectly for about 2 years. It seems to switch itself every couple of hours between band 3 1770 MHz and band 28 730.5 MHz. On band 3 the signal strength is not good and the rsrp is about -110dB, everything grinds to a halt. On band 28 the rsrp is around -80dB and everything is good.


It has an external antenna that was also used on our earlier 3G moden from Vodafone.


Has something changed with Vodafone around the Feilding/Kimbolton area or is it likely our modem is faulty? Luckily our old 3G modem works fine as does the Skinny B618 modem with no external antenna.



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Re: RBI Modem Variable Signal Strength

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The antenna has moved out of place perhaps? Corroded on the cables maybe? That wold be my guess.

If it is using the antenna, it is very directional, but when you dont use the antenna it is more omni-directional.

Your older modem may not do the same freqencies as the current one. so the current one may be affected by an antenna issue.

On the current on, disconnect the antenna and change the setting from external to internal antenna in the menu and see if it works ok.

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