Problem with Port Fowarding

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Problem with Port Fowarding

by traderbob New Poster
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I am a contractor working for a client who has Vodafone Fibre installed with a Vodafone home gateway HG659 on which I have set up port forwarding to enable remote desktop access to computers which are running a radio playout program.

There is a static IP.

The port forwards work perfectly when they are installed.


The port forwards disappear without trace at any time from a minute or so to a day or so.

The computers have unique static IP addresses on the internal network.


The rest of the network is a combination of dhcp and static IP.

There are no conflicts. The DHCP pool does not conflict with static allocations.


We are using IVP4 IVP6 is available.

As far as I can tell no IVP6 connections are being used but it should make no difference.



I changed the password for admin in case we had someone else playing with the system.


The HG659 has been restarted several times which makes no difference.


How do we resolve this problem?


Is there a "save" button somewhere.


The clients IT person is unwilling to contact Vodafone [ I have encountered this in other sites ]

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Re: Problem with Port Fowarding

by Staff ChrisVF Staff
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Do you have lots of devices (~30+) connected? If so, check you're running the latest (B026) firmware, as it fixes some issues with port forwarding settings getting lost in that scenario. See


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