Password for WiFi

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Password for WiFi

by LizDrain New Poster
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Hi, Ive just brought a new Samsung J2Pro and am having trouble getting my WiFi connected. I've entered the password on the bottyom of the modem but I keep getting the messwage that this password is incorrect. What am I dpoing wrong please?


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Re: Password for WiFi

by Regular Poster jshelley Regular Poster
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The password on the bottom of the modem is most likely for getting access to the web interface of the modem.

Use that to log onto your modem with your PC. If you look in the WiFi section you should get the password you need for your WiFi.

Either that or if you have a laptop that connects by WiFi you can look in the WiFi network settings section and get the password from there.


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Re: Password for WiFi

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by GraemeBixley Starter Poster
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The section that says password on a bottom of a modem is normally for logging into the modems control interface with a web browser, not to connect to it via WiFi. The bit that says "WiFi Key" is normally the password to connect to your WiFi. The "SSID" is the default WiFi name you need to look for on the list of WiFi networks to try to connect to.

The thing is those are the default SSID and WiFi Keys and can be changed by connecting to the modem with a web browser and changing them.

Also make sure the WiFi light is turned on on you modem as I helped out someone once who had accidentally turned their WiFi on their modem off with the WiFi button on the unit and had been trying to connect to their neighbors modem that was the same model as theirs and had the same default SSID.



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