Own mail and web server - experience getting it working with Vodafone UFB + Google rejecting mail

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Own mail and web server - experience getting it working with Vodafone UFB + Google rejecting mail

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I have a static IP and run my own mail and web servers.  I recently upgraded from Vodafone ADSL to UFB.  These are the problems I had and how I fixed them.


Technical help form Vodafone before and on installation. Nope - you are pretty much on your own if you have to do anything non-routine like port forwarding etc. Vodafone's help desk for us small business types was courtous and they tried but they were largely out of their depth when it came to this stuff.  If you have problems you are in for a power of Google searching.  This forum was helpful in some aspects.


My configuration was basis - static IP plus the Vodafone VoiP telephone line.  I previously use 2call for a VoIP number (had previously set up port forwarding for some SIP ports).


1/- Using my existing modem/router and Cisco ATA (for VoIP) was a no-go; Vodafone will not give the SIP password details so you have to use the HG659 router provided if you need their VoIP line.  The forum shows ways to get round this but it sounded like more trouble than it was worth.  Shame - my existing router was expensive with a good WiFi range.


2/- I could not find out ahead of the installation if changing the LAN subnet (from 192.168.1.x to 192.168.0.x - which I wanted for my server arrangement) would crash the VoIP.  Fortunately it did not (tick)


3/- Set the DHCP to start at address .100 to reserve a range of  static IP adddresses for my servers. No problem (tick).


3/- The port forwarding worked OK - just have to connect the static LAN servers first as the port forwarding appears to work on device discovery of the card MAC addresses rather than setting forwarding to IP addresses as with other routers I have used.  (weird but OK - tick)


4/- After installation the Google mail servers starting rejecting my outgoing mail. I had the right PRT record and associated STP records right  on the domain DNS but the issue turned out that these were IPv4 records and Google was spitting because it was seeing my mail servers IPv6 address (NATed by the router).  Turns out that the HG659 router turns on IPv4 and IPv6 by default and IPv6 must (assume) take precedent in the Google servers.  Setting up IPv6 DNS records looked like it might be above my pay grade and Vodafone do not give out static IPv6 addressess anyway (although it may be persistent between router reboots).  Without a guaranteed IPv6 address, that path looked like a recipe for future disaster. My solution was to log into the HG659 using the "Admin" account (Google or search this forum for how to do that) then disable IPv6 on the Ethernet.  That seemd to do the trick.  IT WOULD BE HELPFUL IF THE VODAFONE HELP DESK WERE MADE AWARE OF THIS ISSUE as I doubt it is the first time that this has come up.


Hope this helps anyone else doing similar stuff.


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Re: Own mail and web server - experience getting it working with Vodafone UFB + Google rejecting mai

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setting up an AAAA recopd is pretty straightforward.  But no point if it keeps changing.


I am paying for a static IP address, I thought that meant both IPv4 & IPv6.


How do I get this fixed?

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