My modem never arrived

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My modem never arrived

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I live rurally and after telling Vodafone several times NOT to courier my modem to my physical address as it is not registered, they continued to do so....


I have asked repeatedly for it to go to my PO Box, which they assured me it would however we are now months down the track and it hasn't arrived.


I'm getting really annoyed as the time it costs me to ring up and get someone who either cant understand my request or fails to action it, means it is almost easier for me to switch to another provider and get a new modem from them. 


Mine is so old that the ninja hadn't even heard of it!


Can someone please look into my account and call me to resolve the issue.  My username is rodmackenzie I wont put further contact details up here. Or you can reply to me via email but realistically I want the modem shipped to my PO Box address so I can install it or else I'll take my mobile, sky, internet and landline elsewhere wherever possible as its ridiculous to pay so much for services I can not get and surely it cant be hard to courier to my PO Box when a) you said you would/could and b) many other companies can and do, do it.





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