My Modem (HG659) has had multiple problems

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My Modem (HG659) has had multiple problems

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When I joined Vodafone for their broadband, I was given a modem (HG659) by Vodafone which I have used for around a year. My modem now is encountering problems, such as having a short wifi range compared to before and the modem automatically restarts itself.


As for my wifi range, I'm only able to connect to my wifi by half the length of my house which is unlike before where I was able to connect to the wifi anywhere in the house. I've tried switching channels as suggested online but doesn't seem to work but some of the channels seem to make the range even smaller. I've even tried switching the cables just in case the cables were the problem but that didn't make a difference. I've also tried turning it off and on again as that was my first option but nothing seems to fix it. (This also includes turning it off for at least 3 hours)


The modem restarts itself at random times, as there may be some days where the modem won't restart itself or sometimes restarts itself and there are times where the modem would restart itself every 5-10 minutes. I've tried switching the cables and tried turning it off and on again but none of them fixed the issue. 


Its been at least a month now but doesn't seem to get any better now but seems to slowly but surely get worse for both the wifi range and the modem automatically restarting itself down. Does anyone know a fix to this?

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Re: My Modem (HG659) has had multiple problems

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I empathise with you.

I had problems with my Huawei modem also, but with Ethernet not connecting.

I reckon I spent 5 hours on the phone to Vodafone over several days, but they would not accept it could be the modem, because they could see my network from their end.

Finally, I bought a NetComm modem ($179) and suddenly everything worked!  Except VoIP, of course.

So, I went back to Vodafone and spent another hour haranging them until they agreed to give me a new Ultra Hub modem.

And now, everything works.


So, my suggestion is to ring Vodafone and insist that they give you a new modem.

But you will have to be persistent, otherwise they will fob you off.


Good Luck

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