Modem left over

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Modem left over

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after our enable install we have an extra modem from Vodafone and would like to return it.  How do we do this?


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Re: Modem left over

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@ChrisNorth - are you near a VF shop? You'll be able to return hardware there, otherwise customer services can organise a return bag to be sent to you





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Re: Modem left over

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I have ask that question to. I will have two ultra hubs at end of this month that I won’t want and have ask the retention team to send out couple of courier bags and that was couple of weeks ago and the bags still haven’t arrived.
I’ve think I will take the two ultra hubs to the Vodafone shop and leave them there. I wonder what they will say.

The retention team has gone downhill recently as they promised things to me and have failed miserably so my way of thinking I’m wasting my time being with Vodafone anymore.
Anyone with a annoying tV box I suggest you should send it back because they will never get round to fixing up the fast forward or rewind issue and that’s what I have done.
I just decided to find another provider for my phone and broadband and that way I’m not sitting on the phone for a hour and getting the run a round.
Easy solve. I think if you want a steaming tv box go for Apple TV because things will be happening in that area towards the last few months of this year.
Forget about Sky tv they’re all ready dead.
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