Modem HG659 bad wifi

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Modem HG659 bad wifi

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by dunky55 Starter Poster
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Since joining vodafone the speed has been excellent. However this modem seems to have a very short range. Cant pick up in several other rooms in the house unlike the Spark modem I had was excellent. Anybody else having issues with this??

This is becoming a real pain

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Re: Modem HG659 bad wifi

by BradHicks New Poster
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Yes I have constant problems with mine.  The wifi will all of a sudden stop sending or receiving data.  So connected devices to the wifi can't access the Internet or communicate with other devices on the network.  Meanwhile the cable connected devices continue to function fine.

The only way I've found to correct the Wifi issue is to reboot the modem.

I've contacted Service Desk around this, but they were reluctant to give me a replacement which was kind of annoying.

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