Landline not working via modem

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Re: Landline not working via modem

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Our phone works now too - vodafone have finally set up our account properly and just like that it started working - funny that didn't have to go buy a phone after all.  

On the customer service note - after too many hours to count on the phone i have finally got somewhere - but only by telling my customer servie rep I too was recording my call and wanted there full name - for training and quality purposes of course!

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Re: Landline not working via modem

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Well, that is amazing!  Persistance pays off.  But realistically, they should have been able to pinpoint the issue & fix it in the first place.  I think that their technical staff need more training.  It took you heaps of phone calls & it took me three phone calls .... & thats just two people of the many calls they must field each day.  Disappointing.

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