Internet reaching all areas of the house

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Internet reaching all areas of the house

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Might be a silly question...


My internet doesnt reach all areas of the house, this is only been an issue now that everyone is home and needing to work in all areas of the house. 


how do i go about extending the wifi to reach throughout the house? 

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Re: Internet reaching all areas of the house

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Everyones internet must certianly be loaded up now at home for sure. I know mine is.

Golden rules for internet coveage in the home

1) use a wired connection as much as possible rather than wifi

2) make sure your modem/wifi is not in a cupboard, cabinet, jammed in a bookshelf etc. That reduces signal strength a lot.

3) make sure your modem/wifi is not on the floor, behind a couch, under a desk, in a corner etc. That reduces signal strength. It needs to be up high and centrally located (or located nearest to where most of your devices are). It needs to be standing up and facing into the house.

4) make sure your modem/wifi is in open space. Keep it away from metal ojects, electrical appliances and even big mirrors and hard surfaces (tiles, stonework etc). Behind a tv is common and very bad for wifi. It needs clear air around it to get its signal out.

5) If your devices can see it, use the modems 5Ghz wifi band for better performance.


Try all these things to improve your wifi. If it still struggles, then you may need to purchase a Wifi Extender (cheaper option) to help or Wifi Mesh if its a large house with lots of users.  I see some retailers are allowed to sell these online now, but Vodafone has a pretty good Mesh one.




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