I am trying to access USB HDD on Ultra Hub Modem.

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I am trying to access USB HDD on Ultra Hub Modem.

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Hi All,


I have plugged my 1.8Tb USB HDD into my vodafone ultrahub router and turned on SAMBA in the router settings. I have mapped the netwrok drive on my Macbook and it is showing up fine and lets me access the drive however it only shows up as 200Mb and shows empty (its 1.81Tb and has a few hundred Gb of stuff on it). I am able to access the 200Mb and upload/download data to/from it but I cannot access the rest of the space on there. It's almost like it is giving me access to a small partititon on the drive however I havent made any partitions on this drive. I have formatted it to exFAT in order to ensure compatibility between Mac and Windows computers. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Smiley Happy

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