How to configure DD-WRT to work with FibreX?

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How to configure DD-WRT to work with FibreX?

by Josh11445698 Starter Poster
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I am running DD-WRT on a Netgear Nighthawk R700P and im trying to get it connected to my FibreX connection.


I have the standard Technicolor modem that came with the installation.


Setup: Technicolor modem => Netgear Nighthawk R700P => Ethernet connection to PC.


I read that you have to tag VLAN 10 to work with FibreX but I dont even know if I am doing that right.


What I have done:

  • Set WAN to DCHP
  • Go into 'VLAN' tab and tick the 'tagged' box in the 'WAN' column (WAN assigned to VLAN 2)
  • Go to 'networking' tab and set up 'VLAN 0 with 'eth0' set to an ID of 10 (which I presume eth0 is the WAN port on the router?)

Even after dooing this I still cannot get an ip from the modem.


Does anyone know how to configure DD-WRT for FibreX?


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Re: How to configure DD-WRT to work with FibreX?

by wfacarp New Poster
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I have had a dd.wrt modem ( Cisco E3000 ) running very sucessfully for years on Vodafone ( x Paradise ) Cable in Wellington. Chorus came along my streeet and offered to instaff fibre. I took them up. Silly me!  I gave up trying the get my E3000 dd.wrt working on that system. It cost me a $400 earlt termination fee.


But I did check with Vodafone before I switched back to FibreX ( just faster cable ). The operator on the phone assured me that my E3000 modem would work fine on FibreX. After all it is still cable. 


When the Downer installer guys came I explained what was required. They were suprised and just installed the UltraHub and proved it worked. But my system does not work through the UltraHub ... it needs the flexibility of the dd.wrt modem.

There are 3 more E3000 dd.wrt routers in my little home network  ... they all work perfectly together. I just want to connect to the internet with the first one. It does not even need to be configured for a Static IP either.


So here I am again back with Vodafone based on a promise that "it will work fine".

So far this is tthe only post that looks anything like helpful ... but it does it now work?



Please send me the detailed instructions on the changed from a Static IP Cable setup to a FibreX with Static IP assigned upstream. I can do scripts to reprogarm nvram.   Or I want a "bridge"/"passthrough" setup for the UltraHub ... whatever works. The dd.wrt forums have many "suggestions" but nothing definitive.


SO at the moment I am not getting the service I was promised when I changed back to Vodafone. My security system and webservers just don't work. This is not what I ordered.  It was described to me as a Plug&play change.


I need a Ninja to tell me how it is done ... it can't be that difficult but there are many many setup options in the dd.wrt environment.

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Re: How to configure DD-WRT to work with FibreX?

by mcshaz New Poster
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I have a broadcom based router (d-link-880L) running Kong build:

DD-WRT v3.0-r39960M kongac (06/08/19)

I think the broadcoms tagging on VLAN works better than some chipsets

the following works for me:

Setup -> Basic Setup -> WAN Connection Type

Connection Type - Automatic configuration - DHCP
then under the vlan tab (of setup), tick the following boxes:
then under the Networking tab of setup, scroll down to 'port setup' header
WAN port assignment - VLAN10
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Re: How to configure DD-WRT to work with FibreX?

by square_eyes Starter Poster
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Hi! I have a 880L and just flashed DD-WRT. All is well except internet. I have followed your instructions but don't get a connection.


I don't want to hijack this so I might PM you if that's OK.

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