How to configure DD-WRT to work with FibreX?

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How to configure DD-WRT to work with FibreX?

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I am running DD-WRT on a Netgear Nighthawk R700P and im trying to get it connected to my FibreX connection.


I have the standard Technicolor modem that came with the installation.


Setup: Technicolor modem => Netgear Nighthawk R700P => Ethernet connection to PC.


I read that you have to tag VLAN 10 to work with FibreX but I dont even know if I am doing that right.


What I have done:

  • Set WAN to DCHP
  • Go into 'VLAN' tab and tick the 'tagged' box in the 'WAN' column (WAN assigned to VLAN 2)
  • Go to 'networking' tab and set up 'VLAN 0 with 'eth0' set to an ID of 10 (which I presume eth0 is the WAN port on the router?)

Even after dooing this I still cannot get an ip from the modem.


Does anyone know how to configure DD-WRT for FibreX?


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