HG659 is very weak

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HG659 is very weak

by System7 New Poster
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In my office there are 10+ wired computers and 20+ wireless devices. The HG659 is very warm, could not handle this and had 1-2 locked up every week.


We used another AP to handle the wireless devices. The situation is getting better but not completely resolved.


Plus HG659 is missing critical functions like data flow controls and VPN. We tried to use anonther rounter, or even soft rounter for the functionality. And we had problems.


1. All other routers connected to the fiber box were not able to get the public IP address. Even directly connect laptop to the fiber box with DHCP enable didn't work. I guess there is some lock there. What should I do to make it work?


2. If the above lock could not be resolved, what the other powerful router options do I have?

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Re: HG659 is very weak

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THe HG659 is a Home gateway (HG = Home Gateway) so im not surprised you are having issues in a workplace with it...


It sounds like you have other problems if another AP is also having issues.  Just a new router won't sort that unless you get lucky.

You probably need an I.T person to come sort it out.


If you are using another router on Fibre, make sure the WAN interface is set to VLAN 10. Info here:



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Re: HG659 is very weak

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The HG659 also apparently can only handle 32 devices. So yeah it's definitely outgrown its intended use.

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