Draytek Vigor 130 with Edgerouter X setup Slow

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Draytek Vigor 130 with Edgerouter X setup Slow

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Hi Team, 


I'm in the process of configuring a Draytek Vigor 130 with an Edgerouter X, this is to fit into a Structured Wiring Cabinet using VDSL.


My speeds arent the best ~19Mb/s down using the Huawei - this could be due the distance from the Cabinet (1.9Km). Im unable to get the Line Attenuation and other information from the Vodafone supplied Hardware to be certain.


Anyway, I'm noticing my speed dramatically drop (~12Mb/s down) when I connect the Draytek + Edgerouter. Happy to post the Line details and the Draytek Configuration if needed.



Do I need to wait for the DLM to automatically adjust for my new Modem?



When I plug the Huawei back, I get ~19Mb/s down.

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