Changing DNS Settings - Ultrahub

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Changing DNS Settings - Ultrahub

by nzdrew Starter Poster
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I have used SmartDNSProxy on the old homehub successfully for a couple of years. It requires its own DNS settings and static routes to work.  I was given an admin login that was different to the standard user login to access the advanced config on the HG563. On the new Ultrahub I can add static routes on the advanced user mode but there aeems

to be no place to change the DNS addresses. This I have to change the DNS on every device that needs the access SmartDNS which I find hard to believe. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Changing DNS Settings - Ultrahub

by planewatcher Starter Poster
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I managed to change my DNS IP address:


1. Switch to "Advanced mode" at the top of the screen.

2. Navigate to Setting > LAN page.

3. Edit the Local DNS server entry. I found I had to clear all 4 octects of the address using the backspace key before I could enter the new address.

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