2nd Wifi Extender - password rejected

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2nd Wifi Extender - password rejected

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Hello Friends,


Just bought two wifi extenders. i connected the first one with Modem, changed the SSID and password and it's working fine. i set " AP" for the first one.


i connected the 2nd one upstairs where signal is bit low. Tried to change the SSID and password but was unable to do that as didnt get any option to change that. The SSID showing in my wireless network but while trying with the password written back of the Extender always rejecting.


Can anyone of you please suggest.

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Re: 2nd Wifi Extender - password rejected

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Once your extender is paired (press wps on the AP one and the extender one and wait for light to go solid) then the extender takes on the AP SSID and password.

If you set seperate ssids and passwords for both, then they will be seperate and not an extender. and both will need to be in AP mode.

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