txt from overseas

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txt from overseas

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Hi there


We are currently in the USA - San Francisco, and cannot send txt messages.  When we arrived it said we were entitled to roaming for $5 a day.  This works and we can receive txt and have data, but we cannot send txts.  I am on a samsung S9 and my wife a apple iphone 6.  We have used the $5 a day service whist in oz and europe with no issues - but for some reason it does not work here.  DO we need to change anything on our phone?  




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Re: txt from overseas

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Make sure the numbers you're sending to are in full international format

So for example +6421xxxxxx

If you have a contact saved as 021 change this - even if you try to manually set +64 creating a message to a contact you already have saved as 021 the phone will recoginse the contact and revert back to trying to send 021.


Lastely make sure the message/service centre number is correct. You can google how to check this. VFNZ message centre number is +6421600600.

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