prepay change plan lost top up

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prepay change plan lost top up

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hello, i recently joined vodafone. I wanted my plan to be the under 25 deal. when i first signed up I selected the deal with 200 txt, 200 min, 2gb. I topped up with $50. I did not use this plan at all. Did not send a text, call, or use any data. I wanted the $50 to go to the Under 25 deal. but was directed to top up again. Did I just lose $50? I dont want to pay again especially if i hadnt used it. Can I somehow get the $50 top up to the Under 25 plan?

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Re: prepay change plan lost top up

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by Staff turac Staff
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HI! Im sorry to hear about what happened. I would like to ask some questions that I may able to see the root of the problem.

1. When did you enrolled your number to a $20 My Flex Plan - 200Mins, 250Txts and 2gb Data?

2. How long you didn't use you plan - call, text and data?

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