phone call to restructure plan - feel a bit suspicious

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phone call to restructure plan - feel a bit suspicious

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I'm wondering whether prepay plans are about to be restructured. I received a phone call today from someone claiming to be from Vodafone but the way they introduced themselves was a bit strange so I decided to terminate the call. I am probably being overly suspicious but I find I get more illegitimate calls from companies than legitimate ones these days. I'm on the prepay monthly $19 plan by the way. The phone number that this person called from was 09 977 1141.

I wonder whether other members of the community feel similar caution about getting phone calls now to change services and so on? 

If services are about to change and this is a legitimate change happening within Vodafone, it may be more helpful to inform customers of this when they log into My Vodafone (and/or through their nominated email address) as it seems much more legitimate and trustworthy.

A comment from a Vodafone employee in this forum would be reassuring.

Thank you.

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