new plan seemed to fail

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new plan seemed to fail

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i had a travel plan with my Vodafone mobile number and after using all 3GB of data and already extended by 1GB extradata I've found the option (online) to change the plan. So I paid 39 NZD and changed my account to my flex plan with 4 GB of data.

I did receive the confirmation text message that I can start with the new plan now. However, at the same time the message appeared on my phone, the web page showed me an error message (sorry, don't remember the exact wording). However, since then I did not have an traffic on my mobile. So I logged in again (wifif) and my vodafone account cannot show me any information about data, traffice, summary, usage... Nothing appears, just loading, loading, loading...

I top up my account again and since then I can use vodafone 4G again. However, today I received a text message from vodafone plan check team that it seems I am using casual data only and they recommend me to get more value if using one of the offered add-ons... I would, but I cannot choose any addon... Page is just loading, without result! There seems to be a problem with the plan change. Can someone help me with it?


PS: Cannot use the app as I cannot download from German App store account.


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