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mobile internet

by bindy New Poster
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I am on the extra 100 plan and have been getting intermittent internet - usually lasting 1-2hours where I can only access Facebook or make a phone call. Making it very difficult to work from home 

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Re: mobile internet

by David3D Starter Poster
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Hi there,


This may or may not solve your issue (I'm assuming it won't fix the issue with outbound/inbound calls) but it may make accessing Facebook/news/other sites more consistent.  I am not Vodafone technical support.

I've changed my DNS addresses to an alternative and it appears to be working.  This needs to be done on individual devices in order for it to work.  I don't recommend changing these settings on your broadband router, unless you are confident enough to do so.

Google DNS

Cloudflare DNS

These addresses may fix one of your isses at the very least.  All the best.

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