e-sim support and functionality

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Re: e-sim support and functionality

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I got a bit tired of waiting for Vodafone and have just transfered 4 phones to spark, so long Vodafone and thanks for the 20+ years I was with you, sorry it had to end this way

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Re: e-sim support and functionality

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Official coms from vodafone are out. 

it will be avliable Mid 2020 onwards.

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Re: e-sim support and functionality

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After struggling to get any straight answers from Vodafone, a Spark representative (Te Awamutu store) advised me that Spark have a 6 month exclusive contract (to enable Apple Watch Support) that expires at the end of March 2020. She wasn't clear on what this exclusive contract was for (e-Sim or some other enabling technology/licence), but she was adamant that no other competitor would be able to offer Apple Watch (e-sim?) support until after March 2020. The facts are a bit sketchy, but it's more "information" than Vodafone have offered.

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