Vodafone asking for Top Up despite 8GB+ remaining

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Vodafone asking for Top Up despite 8GB+ remaining

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I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this irritation. We are drawing close to our month and associated allowance, and we've avoided any unusual use. However with 8.8 GB left the connection is in effect blocked and all one can get is the persistent request for a $20 top up for the remaining 5 days (or an eye watering  byte rate!). Despite this data minor leakage is occurring.


I've talked to 777 and got the usual "reboot" and then when that doesn't work "reset" the Modem-router. No change so  now stuck waiting for a 'technician' to call (it seems to happen just prior to the weekend). Repeating the tedious reconfiguration of the B315 added to my pleasurable experience. The monthly rollover will happen by then and so vodafone really needs to do NOTHING ;-(


So I fired up my mobile hotspot to try to stagger through. At least there's always plenty left on that part of the plan... sounds like a good idea but a pity about the practical issues . Nothing on wired connection seems to work despite bridging one of the WIFI connections to the Hot-spot. ?Clever restriction and more opportunities to display the 'buy more data page'. 


So, is this a completely automated punishment? We used to get an 80% warning, and it used to be easy to check the remainiing allowance via the mobile applet , but neither of these options seems to be available. The applet used to fall over, hang or just do the egg timer thing forever. Now it merely displays 'Buy more data'! Why.... I'm on the hotspot  hopefully a  separate part of the plan... Nice to think that sharing was also possible here, or better still a signficant data rollover to cope with unexpected use. eg Visitors who are used to cheap  / large allowance data internet! 


Is there a passive agressive torturer at the helm?

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Re: Vodafone asking for Top Up despite 8GB+ remaining

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Included data bundle is completely finished , hence why you are getting redirected.

Billing / Rating system which shows you your balance, just takes a couple hours to catch up with the CDR’s provided by the live rating platform.

But data will have definetely been finished.

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Re: Vodafone asking for Top Up despite 8GB+ remaining

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2 issue remain:- clearly the (mis) information on My Vodafone, even days later, of any data remaining is false and unreliable. The 'true report' is what the server sees and it make the call "you're out of data'. Case closed. Pay up. 


My Vodafone / and if it works,  the mobile app showt the two parts of the account separately. You cannot bundle mobile data with rural broadband. My rural broadband data was and is reporting. rural= 8.9gb 2 days ago, now leaked to 8.7Gb, (not that I have been able to use it) and shared data on Mobile 12-13Gb which is what I am using now via a Hot-spot.


Vodafone mobile app continues to both misreport AND is highly unstable.


In which case, why have any report if it doesn't apply, and why continue to promote the mobile app if it is both unrelaible and reports miss-information.?


The only reason I don't want to pay the extra top-up is that it will reward bad communication and the use of misleading information / software.

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Re: Vodafone asking for Top Up despite 8GB+ remaining

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I've encountered this problem and Vodafone's response to the query is uninformative.


I am using up all my data now so I can go to 2 Degrees for a better service.

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