Vodafone Prepaid Data disappeared

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Vodafone Prepaid Data disappeared

by Aurelian New Poster
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My Vodafone Prepaid Data just disappeared the second time! The first time it was gone a cuple of houses after I topped up. So I went to the Vodafone store, and they sad it was used, even I didn't use so much! my iPhone even showed in the statistics that not even a close amount was used in that time... but they couldn't help me so I bought more data. I get the conformation text that my data was toped up, i put the phone on flight mode, go home and put it on again and all the Data is gone. And this time I didn't use any data at all!!! So it has to be a problem with Vodafone! Can Anyone help me?
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Re: Vodafone Prepaid Data disappeared

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Oh no, that's not good, please give us a call on 777 so we can look into your connection.

Sorry for the hassle.


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Re: Vodafone Prepaid Data disappeared

by Jonell97850 Starter Poster
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Did you manage to get this sorted? Hubby had almost 9GB yesterday and only topped up 2GB but today it is showing under 5GB left. How is this even possible?
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