Unable to use hotspot on SIMO connection

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Unable to use hotspot on SIMO connection

by BlairWoodhouse Starter Poster
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Hi all,


I have asked an in-store person, and an online tech support agent to look into why I cannot connect to my laptop with my mobile phone. 


I signed up for a 12GB plan, and within the first few months Vodafone had a change of ownership, and I was offered to upgrade to an unlimited plan. I said yes on the proviso I was still able to tether my phone to my laptop. I have not required to do so for some time, so I forgot all about this...and now when I try, it sees the wifi connection and just indefinitely tries to connect.


Is there an account issue? It surely cannot be a phone issue (Samsung Galaxy S10) as there are very few options to possibly set, and it cannot be a laptop issue, as I have tried this on 2 separate latops, and a tablet...all of which offer the same result.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Thank you!

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Re: Unable to use hotspot on SIMO connection

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Hi @BlairWoodhouse 


Sounds like whoever changed your plan forgot to add the Hotspot Addon to enable the tethering functionality.

Can you please private message me your number and I will look into it.


Best Regards,

NOC Engineer | Vodafone NZ
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