URGENT - Online order Ref: OS914287196 - please help!

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URGENT - Online order Ref: OS914287196 - please help!

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Can someone please urgently help me?


My mum is 66 and has no idea how her mobile phone and data plan works and is panicking because she has used up all her data.  I tried to set up her phone number on a new account plan this morning but she didn't understand that the verification text messages were coming through when I was online setting it all up so I didn't get the chance to enter the verification code in.  It wasn't until later this afternoon when she actually checked her text messages that she found the verification code texts from Vodafone and told me about them - which was obviously too late!


I never got asked for a credit card for payment when ordering the plan and the email confirmation had a zero balance so I have no idea what is going on.  I obviously can't go into a Vodafone store for help and I also can't call and speak to a human being on the phone so that is frustrating too.


Can someone please tell me when her new plan will come into affect because she is harrassing me and is very upset that she can't go on facebook or video chat with her grandkids and us kids (which is pretty much her only life right now during this lock down).


Mum lives in Whangarei and I am in Auckland so there is not even any way I can go and talk to her through a window or something to calm her down and sort this out.





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Re: URGENT - Online order Ref: OS914287196 - please help!

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Hi @BecksG , My name is Richard and I'm here to help. Could you please Private Message me so I can get more details? I'm sure we can get things fixed for you in no time!

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