Traveling to NZ & Australia -- plan questions

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Traveling to NZ & Australia -- plan questions

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Hi -


I'm traveling to NZ and Australia for a total of 3 weeks next month. I'd like to be able to use mobile data while there -- for e-mail, maps, and some web browsing. Probably no streaming or very heavy data usage.


I've seen info on the Travel SIM, which looks good -- at least better than turning on my US plan's global package -- but I'm wondering how that would work when spending time (about half and half) in both NZ and Australia.


Can I use the same plan -- say the $50 or $100 plan -- in both countries? Or would I need to have separate SIMs for each to get the best deal?


Thank you!


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Re: Traveling to NZ & Australia -- plan questions

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Thanks for your post. The Travel SIM will only work in NZ I'm afraid. If you're only using data then a Prepay Mobile Broadband plan might be worth considering. Vodafone Australia is a separate company hence not sharing across the 'ditch'.


Safe travels!

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