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Text deals

by Vava'uToluta'u New Poster
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to whom this may concern,

why don't you have text specials or deals?



thank you

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Re: Text deals

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Thanks for your post - we do, what plan are you on?

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Re: Text deals

by Beva New Poster
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Hiya, like Vava’u T. I also don’t see any Texts specials nor deals.

what has happened with Vodafone Prepay Fantastic Friday ?

I was on Prepay19 Plan, then “automatically “ put onto Flexiprepay Plan. Now, things have changed, and it’s not looking good. 

Yes, there is flexibility, but at a cost to me. No longer is it $19.  Would like to see  some Texts addon,specials  back on “the market”. 

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