Terrible customer service

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Terrible customer service

by OllieMikosza New Poster
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I have been with Vodafone forever. I am retired and not a heavy mobile user so a $39 plan is enough for my needs.

But I decided now to go for a few monnths overseas and didn't want to incurr huge roaming bill ($210/month) so I called Vodafone before I left NZ asking to switch roaming off. (WHY cannot user switch it off himself when switching ON is allowed via MYVODAFONE app?!).

But when I left NZ, I found few days later that my roaminng WAS ON! So I called Vodafone and after almost 1 hour of waiting and being bumped between various people (terrible IVR system, whhich prevents you talking to someone), I got through and my roaming was disconnected. 

But I was not told that it actually means I get now NO SERVICE at all!!! My NZ phone is DEAD!

I thought, and it should be by RIGHT, that if roaming is disconnneted, then I would have to pay for the calls/texts at international rates. But NO!, I was disconnected !

I managed to call Vodafone via my VOIP service on the laptop and was told that my plan has to be stopped and I must go onnto PRE-PAY plan. So I said YES, please do so. We continued via EMAIL with the person who took that last call at Vodafone but now, after 5 days, I CANNOT get any email answer from her nor from CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!

All I get is usless replies thaty in 24 hrs I'll be contacted, yeeet days have passed with no resolution.

In the meantime my VOIP has expired, my local SIM card in the Asian country where I am now would cost hundreds of $$ to call Vodafone in NZ, if their "speed" of response is the usual 30-60 minutes, so I asked THEM to call me if necessary.

But it should not bbe because I was VERIFIED by the person I spoke to, then she emaild me, I responded etc., so there is a proof that I am ME. 



Thank VODAFONE! I am certainly not gooing to leave this matter without a followup with Ombundsman and media after my return. 

Sheer dishonesty  with indolence or ill will. Misleading customers as to how the roaming works, not followinng customers instructions, ignorinng customers, disabling service while charginng money (my current "plan", which I cannot use now, is still in operation and charged for).




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Re: Terrible customer service

by MattBarnett Starter Poster
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I agree. Vodafone customer service isn’t absolutely the worst of any kind of customer service I have ever experienced. I’ve been trying to ask them a simple question about my account. They are polite and optimistic but pass me from person to person, no one can actually help, they make false promises, don’t call back.. and this is probably because they get paid for exactly that- being recorded being courteous and helpful even though they haven’t got a clue how to help. Absolute chaos. I would strongly recommend no one sign up to Vodafone.
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