Sure Signal not reaching all areas of house

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Sure Signal not reaching all areas of house

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Back in June 2017 I enquired about our sure signal not working after upgrading to fibre network.


The sure signal was very old to be fair so Vodafone sent a newer version which we had to buy as you do not offer ugrades or replacement units.  We purchased the new residential Sure Signal model expecting to have the same coverage as the old device however from the get go it just didn't seem to match up to the older model.  We decided to give it a chance and thought the mobile reception signal would get better if we just let the device do its thing.


It now seems that the first sure signal was given to us by a business that no longer needed it as a mobile tower was erected close by which solved all the network issues for them.  


My dilema:

  -  To make sure I get mobile coverage throughout my home Is it possible to have two sure signal devices working without conflict and increasing the mobile coverage range?

  -  If the only way to boost the signal was to get the higher spec model is there a way to swap the device purchased 10 months ago and pay the difference in price or is there a way to trade the10 month old model and pay the remainder off interest free.


Is there any other way of boosting the signal so it is available throughout my property.  It would be awesome if Vodafone have plans of trying to reduce the issue iof the many black spots and loss of signal just driving up the main road of Maungaraki, Lower Hutt sas there are a number of neighbours with sure signals which screams out to me that there needs to be a plan to install more towers in strategic places to increase the signal overall in this suburb.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,



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