Still Being Billed for a Cancelled Plan

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Still Being Billed for a Cancelled Plan

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I called Vodafone support on November 16th to cancel my phone plan as I was moving abroad and no longer needed my Vodafone plan. The support agent I talked to told me that the specific department I needed was closed for the night, but he would push the cancellation through the following morning when they would open and that I would not need to follow up.


The problem is that I was still billed for the next month's phone service, despite being assured that this would not happen and that my plan would be canceled. Now that I am abroad I have no way to contact Vodafone directly via calling. I hope that a Vodafone agent here can help me understand why I am still being billed for a cancelled plan.



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Re: Still Being Billed for a Cancelled Plan

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Under the T&Cs you still need to give 30 days notice and billed accordingly
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Re: Still Being Billed for a Cancelled Plan

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Pursuant to the clause, the Vodafone always advance 30-day charge to the contract client, therefore Vadafone can not overcharge the said client on the ground that client had advance payment. Why the client sitll get the bill, I also have similar issue!  Call center is a joke to give helpless comments.

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