Scam call

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Scam call

by FrankieDiem Starter Poster
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Hey all, just a heads up about a call from this number:


00 44 22 0874 5782 which may appear without the spaces as 00442208745782.


The call from UK was clearly from a scammer offering me the opportunity to make 'money on a daily basis' and trade on the financial trading markets and Trade Me.


I've blocked the number on my phone, just leaving this message here in case any one else receives scam calls. From what I've found, Vodafone can't block international numbers so I've not reported this directly to them


Stay safe out there folks.

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Re: Scam call

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Thanks for the post and sharing with the Community.

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Re: Scam call

by geoff3pooch New Poster
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Hello Mike


Why can't Vodafone block these calls?

They are coming from +4422 which is not a valid UK area code.

Surely this scam is easily shut down from affecting your NZ customers.





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Re: Scam call

by CarolynLister Starter Poster
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It would certainly be good if something could be done as very annoying. Numbers I've had calls from now:

0044 22 0548 3693

0044 22 0459 0147

0044 22 0080 0407 (this the only one I've had repeat calls from I think)

0044 22 0870 7648

0044 22 0048 9980

0044 22 0604 5311

0044 22 0219 2999

0044 22 0362 6839


I've also been getting calls on my home phone where they just hang up so am assuming is similar but can't see the number.


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Re: Scam call

by CarolynLister Starter Poster
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Be interesting to see if you get more calls. For the last week I have also been getting calls from numbers starting 0044 22 but then rest of numbers vary. I've answered a couple but just silence and also suspected a scam. One did leave a message tonight, I think they though I had answered and started talking about my interest in making money. 0044 is UK but 22 doesn't even appear to be a valid area code for UK.


Apparently there is an app where you can block the first part of a number so the 0044 22 because the numbers after that appear to be random. Need to find it as these calls are getting annoying with their frequency.

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Re: Scam call

by AlanScott New Poster
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Had one of these calls yesterday and turned it off when I heard the call center background noise. 


Today another call from the same number and message left saying I missed a call sent by  Vodafone yesterday. I have blocked that number but presumably they will send more from a different number.


The interesting point is that I only connected with Vodafon'e fibre cable fixed line on 22nd April. Did not take long for the scammers to find that out. Perhaps Vodafone could tell us how that happened so quickly.

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Re: Scam call

by Phoebenz72 Starter Poster
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Try this (unless you are being reverse charged for the calls). Your phone will be tied up for a while initially but they wont persist for long.

I have a solution my sister-in-law suggested which worked for me. I kept getting scam calls about "a problem with your computer". Whenever I got one of these calls I would ask them to "hold the line" or "hang on while I got my computer booted up" (since this was often what they'd ask me to do), and then I would just leave them waiting while I went about my evening, getting tea ready or watching TV etc. This is effective for two reasons-
1. They waste their time waiting for you when they could be scamming someone else and
2. It costs them money for the international call with no promise of return.
I'd check the phone after about 5 minutes to see if they're still on the line "Are you still there?" and if they were, just say "keep holding please" and didn't give them a chance to ask anything, just put the phone back down and walk away again, checking back in another 5-10min. I did have them wait 10min before checking the first time I tried this and they were still waiting! Hilarious and quite empowering to say "please hold on a bit longer" and wander off again. They never held on for as long after the first time though. Lol.
After 3 or 4 further calls I've never heard from them again.
Have fun 😂
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