Roll over minutes and data

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Roll over minutes and data

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I received a txt on 30/1 reminding me to top up my Flexi Plan by midnight 31/1. At 0846 on 31/1, I received another txt advising that my plan was on hold whereupon I topped up at 0932.


My roll over credits had been removed and I then had to go to the Vodafone shop in Takapuna where after lengthy phone calls, the staff member advised that Vodafone could not re-instate my roll over minutes and data but would give me an add on for 500 mb data for 29 days and 220 minutes for only 7 days.


Given that I was told that the roll over failure was the result of a glitch in the system, can you advise how the add on minutes and data will affect my roll over at the next billing date?


We have a close family member who is seriously ill with a stoke and we may need all the call minutes we can get in order to stay in touch with other family members.


Your help would be appreciated. Thank you

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