READ ME: Premium TXT - the basics

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READ ME: Premium TXT - the basics

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Good greetings and warm salutations to everyone (hehe)..definitely long time no see, hear or telepathy, lovely to be back.

What I wanted to bring to everyone's attention is what you need to know about Premium TXT services. We see the same questions being asked, and hopefully this will be able to provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision. So, let's go through the basics.

So, what is a Premium TXT Service?

These services provide you with the ability to vote on TV shows, enter competitions, receive information updates, buy content such as ringtones, wallpapers and games, and many other services. Premium TXT services are also used by charities to raise funds for their causes.A majority of Premium TXT services are run using short codes. Short codes are 3, 4 or 5 digit numbers and are used as the address to send the TXT message. Each service has its own unique short code. All TXTs from a short code must be initiated by you. You may sign up to these services by responding to a TV commercial, web page, magazine ad, or by replying to the associated shortcode. You may also have signed up by providing your mobile number to your video rental outlet or bank and agreeing to receive reminder or marketing TXT messages.

The cost of a Premium TXT is varied and depends on the nature of the service. You will be informed of any charges before using these services. You can find cost information and frequency of messages on the first welcome message for a subscription service. For all other services, charges will be outlined in the original advertising.

How would one sign up?

This can either be done through your mobile device or online. After the initial sign up, you will be sent a confirmation message to confirm that you wish to opt into the service (you will also need to respond to this).

So if I want to opt out of the service, what do I do?

You will need to reply to the short code with the command STOP. Please be aware that the 3rd party service provider can send an additional 3 free messages after the command has been sent within a 24 hour period. This is without customer initiation. If you respond to any of the texts, you will opt back in.

Additional support

Vodafone acts as a 'pipe' between the Content Provider (the premium service) and the customer. Vodafone does not create the content, it is simply delivered over our network.

If you want to report a fault with the service, you will be able to find the companies 0800 number in the following link here. You may also be able to contact them via their website.

Age restricted TXTs are services which require age verification (above 18 and have ContentGuard turned OFF). For more information about ContentGuard, please visit our website link here

Now is a better time than any to remind all of our customers that if you are the bill payer, ensure you know what services you are paying for. If you lose your device and/or SIM, contact us immediately so we can restrict the connection to stop any unexpected charges. You can keep the same mobile number by visiting any one of our retail stores to get a replacement SIMcard.

Righto, lunchtime for me :)

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