Price Increase on My Flex

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Price Increase on My Flex

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Just received a text telling me my My Flex plan (min data, mins and text) of $10 will increase by $3 at next renewal.  Apart from the fact that an increase of 30% seems a bit extreme, when I checked my plan on the app the following notice was posted:


"We've changed some of our pricing and plan options. Your current plan is 250 MB, 50 mins and 50 TXTs for $10. To stick with your current plan, simply go back to 'Plan and Add-Ons'. If you make any changes to your current plan, you won't be able to go back to it."


What does the last phrase (in italics) actually mean?

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Re: Price Increase on My Flex

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I was a bit surprised today as well, my flexi plan expires in 7 days.  I ues to get 1GB, 50 texts and 50 mins for $12 now the closest I can get is 1.25GB 50 mins and 50 texts and the price is now $16.  There was no notification of a 30% price hike or that the flexi plans would change, where is the great communication vodafone use to be known for.  


I guess I have a week now to look around for another provider.....  

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Re: Price Increase on My Flex

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Yeah, the note saying they've changed things to give "better value" is a complete lie. My current plan is 250MB, 50 mins and 250 txts for $11. 250 txts isn't even available now, the next one up is 500, which I don't need. Going down to the absolute minimum is 250MB, 50 mins and 50 txts for $13. So I can get less, but it will cost me more, and if I ever change any of my settings I can't get my current plan or price back. Kinda defeats the purpose of a "flex" plan, doesn't it? That's not "better value" at all. Did they somehow think people wouldn't notice?
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