Prepay changes & MyFlex carry over clarification

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Prepay changes & MyFlex carry over clarification

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I got a text saying I am being forced off my Prepay plan onto a new MyFlex plan.  There is a similar thread on this subject which I have read but I am still not seeing 100% clarity on the issue of carry over.


I want to get better clarity on what carries over to the new plan and when it is lost under the new plan.


Per the terms and conditions here:


Changes to plan & impact on carry over


Bullet point 4

  • When you sign up or design a Vodafone My Flex Prepay plan, you get to keep your mins, TXTs and data for the lifetime of the plan. If you repurchase or redesign you might lose the value when the price changes.

Bullet point 10:

  • You can redesign your plan at any time in My Vodafone and then either ‘save changes’ for your next plan renewal or ‘buy now’ to start your new plan immediately. If you choose ‘buy now’ you’ll lose any unused minutes and data including carry over.

What does "might" mean in bullet point 4?  Under what scenarios could I lose carry over data and minutes?  If I flex my plan without selecting "buy now", do I keep the carry over or not?  I presume just selecting "save changes" will make the change automatically on the next renewal date?  But will this impact carry over?


Moving from Prepay & impact on carry over


Bullet point 5

  • If you move from an existing Vodafone Prepay plan to My Flex Prepay, you will lose any data and minutes including carry over from your previous plan.

Given I am being forced off Vodafone Prepay onto this do I lose my existing carry over or not?


Mike Hales from Vodafone says in this thread:


"You won't lose your carry over as we will add a bundle to your new plan rounded up from your carry over 

E.g. 1.2GB and 33 mins Carry Over = 1.5GB and 50 mins Bundle."


"To clarify, your bundle will round up to match your existing carry over when moving to the My Flex. FYI - once you've used your carry over and dropped below the plan limits, those will apply"



This sounds like Prepay carryover will carry through to MyFlex.  However, the website still does not say this.  Also, what are the conditions for the carry over data and minutes?  Is there a time limit or any other condition we need to know?


Other T&C's?

The last bullet point states:

  • Vodafone Prepay Terms and Conditions apply

Are the T&C's for MyFlex not complete?  I would have though the Prepay T&C's would potentially conflict with the T&C's for MyFlex so why is this last bullet point there?



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Re: Prepay changes & MyFlex carry over clarification

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Thanks for your post and considered questions.


Carry Over 

- If you "buy now" instead of allowing your plan to renew on its renewal date then yes you'll lose your carry over.

- As part of the migration from your old plan, you will NOT lose your carry over, it will be replaced on your new plan with a bundle that matches your carry over from previous plan. That bundle will last for 12 months.



My Flex has some additional T&Cs that apply on top of the broader Prepay T&Cs.


Hope that helps.



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Re: Prepay changes & MyFlex carry over clarification

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Hi guys,


It’s a long time since I have posted here, largely because my wife’s Rollover data and minutes have not been messed with.
However, the changeover to the new MyFlex Prepay 18 last Monday changed all that and the explosion could be heard in Hahei several Kilometers away and needless to say, my day once again went rapidly downhill.


On Sunday she opened up My Vodafone and notices that she has 199 Minutes Left  (she is expecting around 900 mins) and her Data Left is 0.95GB (she is expecting around 7GB).

This has happened to her previously, so in this regard Vodafone 'has form' as they say in the criminal fraternity.
However, I managed to calm things down on condition that I would give it my undivided attention and somehow ‘fix it’.

So I have been investigating ... and, in case your wife/ husband/ partner has a similar shock  the answer is quite simple - the My Account Summary no longer shows the Rollover minutes and data on the Summary page (did anyone explain that would happen?).
Instead (and this is often described in the IT industry as an “unplanned enhancement”) Vodafone has decided to include them on the Add-Ons page, descried as 'FREE'.

This may of course be an attempt to re-set the commonly-held belief that Rollovers are “of right” and permanent and b) will be easier to manage the 12-month ‘drop-dead’ period that has also been arbitrarily applied (did anyone explain any of this, and is it even legal?).


Anyway, I would like to leave others to further investigate, clarify and possibly challenge.
For now, I’m just off to explain what I believe has happened to my wife, and if I am wrong, could someone please let me know? My life might well be in jeopardy.



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Re: Prepay changes & MyFlex carry over clarification

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Phil, you're exactly right, apologies should have communicated that point better.

No Carry Over should be lost.



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